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Dr. Rice is well known for his gentle touch, calming effect, and beautiful dentistry.

Welcome to Rice Family Dentistry

At Rice Family Dentistry we offer complete family and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Rice has his patients best interests at heart and stands behind his work. He's been in practice for nearly thirty years and has a dedicated staff of service-oriented professionals. He is currently serving second and third generation patients.

Dentistry OfficeDr. Rice and his staff are focused on providing a welcome and comfortable environment for all patients. The office itself is inviting with a fireplace and special children’s play area. The entire staff prides themselves in listening and responding to each patient’s specific needs

Dr. Fansa likes to welcome you to our practice as well. He has joined Dr. Rice's practice in the fall of 2010. Dr. Fansa received his DDS degree from IU school of Dentistry and has been a practicing dentist for the last 12 years.

We are excited to tell our patients that they no longer have to be referred to an oral surgeon for dental implants! Dr. Fansa is performing dental implants right here at our office! Implants are the Gold Standard when it comes to restoring your smile. The PRIMA dental implant is manufactured in the USA and it has over 30 years of success with millions of people benefiting from the results! Please ask our Drs. or staff how we can bring your smile back with dental implants!